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Convert default date function from oracle to sql server to mysql


Hi, i am using Universal physical model which has default date function as sysdate, which is for Oracle. When i convert the model to SQL server physical model and generate DDL, the default date function sysdate is not converted to getdate() similarlly for mysql its not converted to now().

How to convert the function when we convert to different data base physical model.



model conversion allows you to convert data types and specification of basic objects, but database specific settings, incl. Default Values cannot be converted automatically.

There is a small workaround that you can use: Create new Domain in the universal model and specify Default Value in the Domain. Then, instead of assigning data type, assign the domain to your entity attributes. Convert the model to Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL and in each of the newly craeted models just change definition of Default Value in the Domain. The change will then be applied to all columns where the domain is used.




Thank a lot for the solution, it works for me.


Great to know :slight_smile: Thanks,