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Universal data model

I generate model from existing DB (Mysql) using Reverse engineering option.

Now what I want … I want to generate DDL code to create new DB on SQL Server or Oracle.

Or any other different variant (generate model from Oracle DB and create DDL to generate DB on MySQL …).

Is it possible and how ?

Thanks a lot …


yes, it is possible. In version 5.0, click Model | Convert…

Sync & Convert Wizard opens, select target database platform and the tool will convert basic database objects for you.

BTW: In the wizard there is option “Comment Out Database Specific Items”. Keep it enabled if you do conversion to different target platform, e.g. from MySQL to Oracle (in that case code of stored procedures and other database specific items that cannot be converted automatically will be commented out). Disable the option in case you convert model to different version of the same platform. For example from Oracle 10 to Oracle 11.



One more tip. If you do reverse engineering from MySQL, select MySQL as source, do not try to create Universal Model. Universal model is only for unsupported databases.

If MySQL is not visible in the list, reinstall TDM and select MySQL in the list of supported databases.

Good Luck,