Copy Column names in data grid

I am having trouble figuring out how to do this, though it looks like I should be able to.

When I execute a query and the results show in the data grid, I would like to be able to copy the column names into the SQL editor. If I single or double click, I get the sort options. Dragging the column name doesn’t work, and right-click does not have a copy option. What am I missing?

I am on version on WIndows 7


Since you already have the query all you need to do is click on the table name and F4 (describe) now you can copy the column names

You can’t do that from the grid in the editor. What I do is do a describe on
the table in your query (F4) select columns from the describe window and drag
them into the editor. I guess it would be nice to be able to select and drag a
column header into the editor.


One of my coworkers complains that the cursor in SE windows does not react correctly in the “comments” lines.
For example, she has something like this in SE.

– select * from dual

If she clicks between “m” and “d”, the cursor goes somewhere inside “select”.
Actually the same exact thing happens in her SB window (when browsing packages and procedures).

Version is

What could be a problem? Nobody else has it.

This is known and logged for the component developer. The status of the issue is still “Assigned” so it won’t be fixed with our next editor upgrade unless something changes. The problem also exists with Courier font. If your coworker can use Courier New I believe that fixes the issue.


I am on 9.7 of TOAD.

What I do is a bit easier I think. Highlight the query and hit CTRL-F9.
It’s easier to copy column names from there…

Thank you. Changing the font did fix the problem.

CTRL-F9 brings up the DESCRIBE window and you have to copy (highlight and
CTRL-C) it to where you want it.

F4 on the table name brings up the table info dialogue and you can just drag the
column name. No highlighting, no CTRL-V.

Thanks. I did not know I could drag the columns from F4.

I’m just learning Toad for Oracle 11.5 and was using a much older version of Toad for Data Analysts before. It seems like they did a lot of streamlining, but this is one place where they really made things complicated. It used to be that you could highlight you result set, r-click and it would give you the option to copy column headers or not.

There was also an option right from that menu to export to excel instance, current instance at active cell, etc, etc

In the new version, the best I can find is to select the results to export>r-click>export results> and then pick “excel instance” from the top d.d menu if you want it in excel (from where you can c&p) or, pick HTML table and then the “clipboard” destination radio button which will allow you to past it directly into an email or other type of doccument.