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Drag and drop column name from grid

I recently converted from SQLNavigator to TOAD. One feature in SQLNav that I used a lot was the ability to drag a column name from the grid up to my query.

For example, I run select * from myTable. Then in the results (in the grid), I can drag a column up to my query without having to type in the name. Or even just copy the column name, so I can paste it into the query.

This would save a lot of time having to type in all the names.



Toad doesn’t have this, but there are other ways to do the same.

  1. Describe SQL - With caret in your SQL hit CTRL+F9. You’ll get a dialog showing all fields returned by the query and their datatype. Copy from there.

  2. Code Insight - e.g. “SELECT at. FROM all_tables at” - Assume your caret is just after “at.” you can invoke Code Insight (CTRL+T) and select fields there. While holding CTRL you can multiselect. Once you’ve selected fields press Enter.


The ctrl-F9 helps, although it is not as easy (you have to copy/paste instead of just drag). But can use it.

The code insight does not always work, especially with complicated queries. Sometimes it is slow to pop up, and sometimes after it pops up, and I need to narrow down the list pressing the first letter, the whole list disappears (as if I pressed a letter that nothing starts with, when indeed some columns do).

I was hoping they would be able to add the drag from the grid since SQLNav does it, and both are Dell products.



Ctrl+F9 shows columns with column types and no comma signs between them,
So it is far from just “copy values to your sql”.

For that maybe to introduce Ctr+Shift+F9 and then produce list of columns delimited with comma and nothing else…
This would be then easy to copy/paste in query.