Counts of file to display in email

Newbie here! How do I count the number of records(not including the header) from an Excel output file to display in the email?
Example Todays count is ##


I'm reading in between the lines and assuming you are trying to accomplish this within an Automation flow. Most export tasks have a built-in row counter variable that gets set when executed. In the case of the Select-to-File task in the Automation Engine, which allows you to send a query to the database, the Row Count variable is already named and gets set to the row count returned from the executed query. If you're using automation, this is the simplest way to track the number of records you're grabbing.

See screen snap #1 below for a quick automation job I set up to grab some rows from a table, log a comment to document how many rows were found, then send an e-mail referencing the row count in the body of the e-mail.
Screen snap #2 shows the results of the run, at least the log comment entry which "de-references" the row count value.

Alternatively, you could use a Set Variable task to assign the value returned from a SELECT Count(*) query, and reference that variable. You'll need to "de-reference" the value by surrounding the variable name with pound symbols (e.g. #). Hope this helps.