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Export row count

When you use “select to file” there is a row_count variable that you can use later. . If you use the Export Wizzard I can not find a way to access the row count. Is there a variable that contains the row count? Or a method to obtain the count?

Ditto on making the system variable with the row count available (and there is one as the message gives you the row count).

In the mean time, you can run the same query before hand for just the count(*) into a variable and then run the export and your variable should have the the nuber of rows exported. Not as nice and may not be accurate if you have really volitile data (changes faster than the time your query takse to run). Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, export wizard does not have this count variable, You have to get the count from the sql like Greg suggested.

We created an enhancement ticket QAT-7302 for this request.

Hi, I was wondering if we think that the QAT-7302 would be handled in the 5.0 version? I haven’t noticed it in the release notes of 5.0 beta at this point as well. I have some functionality needed for the rowcount variable similar to the select to file activity for the export wizard activity.

Thanks Chad King

We can try to include for TDP 4.1 or 4.2. We are trying to change our process and have more frequent releases. I will make a note of your request.

Sorry, I meant 4.0 :slight_smile: OK, that’s good to know. Thanks a bunch.