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Create a connection to SQL server from Toad for DB2


My primary platform is Toad for DB2, but I need to use some data on a SQL server for some queries.

Toad for DB2 and Toad for SQL server are loaded on the same workstation, but under Create New Connection, the Group Drop-down only shows DB2 in the Toad DB2 program and SQL server in the Toad for SQL.

Can’t one Toad application see both connection groups?

What about ODBC. Can I get Toad for DB2 to use ODBC to access the SQL server? I don’t see how.

Thanks in advance.


Toad DB2 will only allow you to connect to DB2 LUW databases or DB2 z/OS subsystems.

Toad for SQL Server will only allow you to connect to SQL Server databases.

We have another product, Toad Data Point (TDP) that allows you to connect to many different database types including using ODBC connections.

For information on TDP visit:

Thank you for the direct answer.