Toad data point to connect SQL Server DB and Oracle


Currently I installed Toad data point to connect to Oracle DB and SQL MI DB, please advise:
Do I need to install Toad for Oracle and Toad for SQL Server?

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Toad Data Point is the ONLY Toad solution that can connect to both Oracle and SQL (Azure MI) and 40+ other databases and sources simultaneously. So if you have it installed, and you need to access data on these platforms, you should be good to go, assuming you have the proper credentials from the DBA team to connect to these sources.

Note that TDP is not like other Toad product flavors, which are purpose-built for DBA and developer types... With those specific-flavored Toads (like Toad for Oracle, Toad for SQL, for DB2, SAP, etc.) you can perform object/schema change management, compare and sync databases, perform code debugging, and SQL Tuning, etc. Don't expect to do those types of things in TDP, which is purpose-built for data analyst personas... e.g. accessing all kinds of data, creating cross-connection queries that blend different sources together easily, transform data, understand data quality and profiling attributes, migrating data from here to there, etc... TDP is all about data.

Hope that helps.

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it's clear. Thank you for fully support and sharing the information.

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