Create a CSV file with no heading

I need to create a CSV file with no heading. The file is created in automation. I’m looking for any ideas.

Use the Export wizard. Create one for type CSV file and uncheck the Use column names for header row box. I like to create the Export wizard outside of automation, test it and then drag the Export Wizard into my automation and browse to the .txp file already created, but you can build it right there in the Automation (there are browse, edit and build buttons). I don’t think Select to File has the same options for CSV as the wizzard.

That fixed my problem. I was using the export wizard inside automation which does not allow the removal of the heading on a csv, only and Excel file. Using the export wizard outside automation does… Thank You…

You’re welcome. I noticed that before where inside automation the wizard was limiting things you could do outside of automation. I think that problem may be version dependent. What version of Toad Data Point are you on?

Data Point 4.3… I did find if I make a template it has everything and I can edit it from inside automation.