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Problems with "Select to File" action for Automation Script Designer

I’m automating running a sql statement and then pulling the data into a spreadsheet.

I’m selecting the “select to file” DB activity. When filling in the variables for the excel spreadsheet destination, I unselect “use column names for a header row”. I do not want column headers put into the destination spreadsheet. Everything runs fine and is successful but when I open the spreadsheet, I see headers!! Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Using Toad for Data Analysts -

I checked this in TDA 2.7 and what you say is true. The “use column names for header row” are still used if you uncheck this option.

If you create an Export Wizard template and turn off this option is does what you want. So I would switch to using a template.


P.S. I didn’t check this in your version.