Create and Load Oracle Tables from Excel Spreadsheet using Toad for Oracle

In my recent blog titled “Copying Database Data to Microsoft Excel via Toad for Oracle for Oracle” I showed how easily Toad for Oracle can export data into Excel – a favorite tool of many business analysts. But what if instead the data starts out in Excel and I want to get it loaded into Oracle? This too is a very common “use case” scenario many business analysts find a need to often perform – which once again they would like to do for themselves (i.e. without having to ask information systems). Toad for Oracle makes short work of that too.For my example I went to the US Census Department Housing Pattern area and downloaded the housing pattern data for all race/ethnicity groups for year 2000. The Excel spreadsheet file is 2.6 Megabytes and contains some very interesting raw data shown below. There are more columns (26) and rows (2668) than can be seen as indicated below in Figure 1 by the red arrows alongside the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

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