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Create / delete group node

I have a new Win 10 PC and Toad for SQL has been installed on it.
I also have MS SQL Server Management Studio installed.
From another PC I exported all Connections and wanted to import it on a new PC
I wanted to create a new connection but hit the problem.
It looks that it already has Microsoft SQL Server connection and it does not allow me to import .xml file.
On other hand I'm able to create a new Connection manually under existing group using SQL Authentication but get an error when use Windows Authentication.
My questions:

  1. How could I delete existing group and create a new one?
  2. Should I create a new group or I could use existing one 'Microsoft SQL Server connection'
  3. Why it failed to create connection using Windows Authentication
  4. Note: I don't have any issue on another PC running Toad 5.8.0 and connected to the same server using Windows Authentication ..Windows%20Authentication Windows%20Authentication Existing%20group