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Unable to create new SQL connection in TfDA


Please forgive me if this is answered somewhere, I have done a fair amount of searching and come up blank on my issue.

I recently downloaded TfDA and installed it on my system. The problem is I only have 3 group options for connections (Excel, Access and ODBC). I am unable to find information that helps determine what I need in order to get SQL and MySQL groups to show in the connection manager. I thought it may be just my system, so I installed it on 2 other machines, with different OSes and have the same problem.

Now I have the same application installed on Windows 7 (x64) Windows Vista (x86) and Windows XP (x86). Vista even has toad for SQL and MySQL already on it.

Does anyone know what I am missing?


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A connection type will not show up until you create a new connection. Choose the new conneciton action (File | New | Connection or left most icon) and the drop down will display all of the conneciton types. Select the type you want and define it. After a successful conneciton that node type will be displayed. If you delete that conneciton definition and there are no others the node will go away.



Did you download the freeware version? The freeware version only allows you to make connections via ODBC.


Thanks Michael, I must have missed that little tidbit of information…