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Creating database on sql server for entities

When i generate a model, it creates the ddl for tables, procedures etc, but there is nowhere to specify what database on my sql server the entities should be created, or even to create the database before creating the entities.

where in toad modeler (windows) can i specify the database names that the entities will be deployed to?

Should probably move the thread to the Toad Data Modeler forum.

That said, when you say "when I generate a model", seems from your description that you are talking about generating the DDL for the model. Please clarify, or outline the steps you're taking to create the DDL.

If you've reverse-engineered the model from a database, then the schemas should already be defined as part of the model. If you've created a model from scratch, then the schemas can be defined in the General tab of each Entity's properties.

Most modeling products I know focus on the data model, not the database definition, so Toad Data Modeler won't create the (new) database for you... you'll need to work with your DBA for getting it set up.

Finally, as a "work-around" in case there's still a question, there's always the ability to add a "USE statement to any scripts that TDM generates to target a specific database where the objects should reside. Hope this helps.

Hi, thanks for the response.
Ive tried both creating the model from scratch and importing the model. In each case the database is not mentioned.

To clarify, when i say database, i mean database in the context of sql server.
I can create schemas in toad. Schemas in sql server however are within a database, and really just a way of organizing objects within the database.

i want to be able to create multiple databases in toad, to show the cross database interdependencies.

I have been adding the "Use " statement, but this is an extra manual step that can easily be forgotten, and it still does not help when i want to represent multiple databases in Toad, and potentially show the links between them.

If the DDL script language is for a specific database platform, then the same script can be used to create database objects on any named database of your choice. There are some customers who refresh dozens of databases simply by automating a loop and furnishing a different USE with each script invocation. TDM does not explicitly maintain the database name, unless you create a template, or specify your logic in the Before Script property of your entities. See snap below. Hope this helps.