DDL Script generation - Database selection


It would be nice to be able to select the database for which the script will be generated. If a database name is selected then only the objects that have this particular database name selected in the General tab will show up in the generated script.


thank you for your feedback.

I believe you don’t want to create one model for MySQL and Oracle databases and select MySQL or Oracle on tab General (this is not doable), but select from e.g. TestDatabase1 and TestDatabase2 (both for the same target database, let’s say Oracle 10g.).

Right now, you can use workspaces for this purposes. Let’s say you have main model. Create TestDatabase1 workspace and put there items you wish to generate for your TestDatabase1. Do the same for TestDatabase2. Then try to generate SQL script. On the last tab, you can select objects using the Workspace combo box.


  • You don’t have to define database names anywhere (to fill combo box on tab General - and it should be combo box, othewise you might do typos and end up with a wrong SQL script…).
  • You can simply add entity to particular workpace and make the selection faster
  • You can add one entity to multiple workspaces and therefore generate SQL script with the entity for multiple databases
  • You will have a clear visual overview of items that belong to particular database.

Disadvantages or using workspaces for this purpose:

  • Who knows?

Please let me know if you consider this solution to be sufficient. Thank you.

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Objects that can’t be placed on the workspace (EGfunctions) will always be generated along with the objects on theselected workspace which results in a sql script which has to be editedmanually to remove all functions that I dont need in the script.Another aspect is that I don’t always want to place all objects thatphysically reside in one database schema in one workspace. Our Databaseschemas contain about 100+ entities and workspaces come in handy tologically group entities on subject, not on database schema. We makeuse of the FEDERATED Storage engine which creates the need to create aworkspace containing multiple objects from multiple database schemas toillustrate the architecture of this aproach. Every object has the rightdatabase name selected (in the combo list you stated). When I generatethe SQL DDL script I get a script which holds DDL for schemas whichmaybe don’t even exist on that database server but reside on adifferent physical location. Maybe all this is just a negative sideeffect on trying to model federated objects in TDM inside one workspaceand still be able to generate script with only the needeed objects.

All my problems would be gone if I could select one or more database names for SQL DDL generation.

You make it sound as if the Database name attribute is an indication for thedatabase vendor or version. However, I presume this identifies thedatabase schema.