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Cross-connection does not work - found {


I’m trying to create a cross-connection and getting the following error each time. Normal direct queries and such are functioning correctly.
ERROR line 2, col 7, ending_line 2, ending_col 7, Found ‘{’, Expecting: OJ

I’ve used the cross-connection query browser to get to the following query (removed some nonpublic-arguments):


FROM {{Odbc(“Dsn=CMO1P-NLY;uid=****;pwd={0};fwc=T,40420C4359F094FA19CDED908560AA75”)}}.“SCHEMANAME.TABLENAME” PH

FROM {{Odbc(“DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=;UID=;APP=Toad for Data Analysts;WSID=;****;Trusted_Connection=Yes;PWD={0};,”)}}.TABLENAME rf

Same happens at ODBC connections while the DSN-connection works correctly in Excel for example:

What version of TDA are you using? If you are using TDA 3.0 Base edition, it is a known issue that cross-conneciton is broken. We have this fixed and will be released in a patch 3.0.1.

But we have put all of our efforts into the Professional cross-conneciton query engine. This is a totally new engine that is far better than the base edition (the base editon uses access). I suggest you download and try TDA 3.0 trial for cross-connection.



It is TDA 3.0 Base edition with use of Cross-connection SQL/Query/… (Pro Edition) in trial phase. This is the one you mean right?

I have When is 3.0.1 expected?

This guy is not me, but I have the same version and question :slight_smile:

The 3.0.1 patch is scheduled to be released on Nov 1st. It is a very quick patch covering the following things:

-Cross-conneciton execution in Base edition
-Unicode support for Data Cleansing and Local Storage
-Filter migration from 2.7 to 3.0


Thank you for the quick response!