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Cross-model synonyms.


Hello, it would be wonderful if we can create synonyms that are cross models :wink: For instance, If I have a Table B in Schema B, that I want to reference in Schema A via synonym, I can do that in Oracle. Since each schema have a model, how would I do this in Toad?

The reason to do this, is if table B in Schema B moves to Schema C, then all I would have to do is chance the Synonym pointer and not recode the application :slight_smile:



thank you for your feedback. To be honest, I guess that adding support for creation of cross references between different models would be complicated and time-consuming process, therefore I think this request will have a low priority. In any case, i added your request to our system - CR# 45684.

Have a nice day,



Dunno if I understand your point correct…
Would it be sufficient for you to create a Synonym from the other Schema in the model where the Table is? (So you would have objects from Schema A and Schema B in one model…)
I can’t see a reason why are you splitting modeled objects to more models?


Data Warehousing :slight_smile:

We’re merging several different systems. Each system shares some common data elements which will be in it’s own model. Then each system itself, will have it’s own model, then referencing the common elements.


Thanks for the details. I’ve added your comments to the CR # 45 684. Thanks!