Custom format for float data types

Hello, I’m new to Toad so pardon the question if it seems like a no-brainer. In my multiple table data export, I want to limit all float data types to use a custom format of 0.00 (two-decimal point precision only.) I am not seeing a configuration setting that is immediately apparent to make this type of change, just for the float data type. Is there a way to accomplish this without editing every table involved in the export and touching every float field? Thanks in advance for the help.


Thank you. But I don't know your exactly data type. Is it numeric?

Please try Toad Option->Environment->Grid to set Formatting.

Hope this can help you.

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Is there a way to show data as formatted and to copy/paste as not formatted ?
Indeed, I would like to show my figures like this 10 000 000 and copy/paste from grid like this 10000000.
Thank you for your answer.