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Custom Local Lookup Columns


When specifying the where condition on a column, it would be nice for me to set a custom lookup script for columns that do not have this defined in the database. 

For example, we have a campus_ID that lists over 100 different campuses, but most tables don't have a lookup to gather the name for us, requiring our users to reference a separate sheet to find their ID. Updating all tables with the lookup would be a daunting task, but being able to define in toad that campus_ID = "Lookup Here" would be a surefire solution for all of our use cases. 


Back in the Toad Data Point 3.x days, this feature used to exist in the Query Builder.  You could right-click on a table's column from the query diagram and select a "Lookup Value" capability.  This seems pretty useful, and I'm not sure why it was taken out.  I'm guessing that not many folks used the feature, but I would vote to have it back in again.