Option to show column ID in grid column headers (like Toad for Oracle)

Toad for Oracle (which I have used in the past) has a nice option that allows you to include the column ID in the grid column header, i.e., "135-Last Name". This is really useful when working with very wide tables (lots of columns) in that you can identify the column you are interested in using the Explorer tool, columns pane (by sorting by column name or using auto filter), get its column ID, and then go to Data tab and quickly go to that column ID. Would be nice to have a similar feature in Toad Data Point, which is the product we are mainly using. As a side note, it would be nice to have this as an easily toggle-able option right on the grid, rather than just an option hidden in Options, b/c you may want to turn it on and off, but either way would work.

Just wanted to check in on this request - it would be really useful when working with wide tables. Is it possible to get it into an upcoming release?