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Customize SessionBrowser column visibility

Hi all,

I use toad to monitor both rac and non-rac databases. I customized my session browser to show the column INST_ID.

This works ok when working with a rac database but leads to the error ORA-00904: “INST_ID”: invalid identifier when changing to a non rac db and then subsequently to toad being closed.

Is there a way to change this behaviour? Can I write sort of a trigger in toad which recognizes db type and then changes column visibility?

Any help appreciated.

For me, the Session Browser doesn’t have any problems switching between RAC and non-RAC with the INST_ID column showing. Maybe I have things set up a little different than you though - can you post a screen shot?

I’ll upload word file INST_ID.docx.
INST_ID.docx (108 KB)

Oh, I can reproduce it now. It only happens when you have sorted by the Inst_ID column. Click another column header before you change sessions and you won’t have an error. I’ll fix this for the next beta.