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[Data Compare Automation] Export to Excel is very slow

Dear Toad and co,

First of all: great and advanced features for Data Compare and Automation. They prove to be a big lifesaver in the current project I’m working on. However, I’m running into some issues I would like to share with you.

I have made a simple automation procedure that performs a Data Comparison and exports the results to PDF (summary) and Excel (detailed results). The automation script runs fine, but I encounter some issues with the performance when the Excel file is being generated. When I do this manually (Data Compare, save grid to Excel) it takes about 10 seconds. The automation script takes about 8 minutes. This is a real problem for me, since the current comparison is peanuts compared to the heavy ones I need to run in the near future. How can I speed this up?

Verbose logfile of automation execution:

– 12-7-2014 16:31:28: Run_comparison.log: Setting up environment
– 12-7-2014 16:31:28: Run_comparison.log: Script run by Toad for SQL Server
– 12-7-2014 16:31:28: Run_comparison.log: Build started
– 12-7-2014 16:31:28: Run_comparison.log: Compiling script
– 12-7-2014 16:31:30: Run_comparison.log: Build completed
– 12-7-2014 16:31:30: Run_comparison.log: Begin execution script activities
– 12-7-2014 16:31:53: Run_comparison.log: Data Compare report finished, click Employees_InfoType_0000_CompareSummary2014-07-12 04-31-53.pdf to view file.
– 12-7-2014 16:31:53: Run_comparison.log: Exporting data compare detail report(s) to Excel
– 12-7-2014 16:32:35: Run_comparison.log: Exporting data compare detail report: C:\XXXX\SQL\Employees_InfoType_0000_Src_View\Output\report_sap2fr.Employees_InfoType_0000_Src_View - dbo.Employees_InfoType_0000_Dest_View.xlsx
– 12-7-2014 16:40:05: Run_comparison.log: Data Compare report finished, click report_sap2fr.Employees_InfoType_0000_Src_View - dbo.Employees_InfoType_0000_Dest_View2014-07-12 04-32-35.xlsx to view file.
– 12-7-2014 16:40:05: Run_comparison.log: Data Compare detail report(s) finished, click Output to view file(s).
– 12-7-2014 16:40:05: Run_comparison.log: Done

Hi Clock,

Thanks for your feedback, I am tried acorrding your description ,but I was unable to reproduce it,Could you help me to have a look if I do the same step with yours.

1.Automation | Select Compare Data | In Activity input page ->Select a .dcp file

2.Set summary report as .pdf , set object reports folder.

3.Run the automation script

But it doesn’t take a long time, Am I miss any step? Could you give me more details?



Just curious… have you figured the solution for this?

Nope, never got around the problem. Project was cancelled due to other considerations, so forgot to further investigate it.