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Export to Excel taking too much time


Hi Team,

Hi All,

I rant the query and record count is around 25000, when I export the data to Excle it’s taking almost more than on hour and tried to exported same data in other version and it got completed with in 2 mins.

version :

can some one could you please provide me a solution for this issue step by step process.

Thanks in advance


There is a checkbox for “display all results in grid”. Make sure that is unchecked.


Hi John,

Thanks for the update. after un-checked “display all results in grid” this option also it’s taking so much time and toady it’s showing on the screen Not Responding.

could you please advise do I need make any changes? If yes please let me know where do I need to do those changes.

Thanks in advance


I use toad for more than 10 years.

never had problem with Excel export if:

  1. have good network (data from db server to mine client)

  2. Have enough memory on mine comp

  3. have proper CPU and good tuned windows
    If you have all of this then:

  4. try export to plain text or clipboard. is it faster?

  5. if is please show SQL and data types involved in SQL.


On some versions of Toad, when exporting to Excel File, the XLS and XLSX formats would have significantly different performance as number of rows gets high. So you could try changing that.

If you are exporting to file, you could try “export to excel instance” or vice-versa.

If you haven’t restarted your computer in a while, that might help. Or maybe run CCleaner if you never have (or not in a while). That’s good for ‘cleaning out the junk’ that windows accumulates after a while. But I’ve never had to rely on that to make Toad work quickly.