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Data Grid height/area/draggable line not sticky (, Windows 7)

I guess my first question is how do I search these forums… I didn’t see the search option on the window where I pressed the button to start this new topic.

I don’t know if it’s windows 7 or the new version of Toad (I’ve used many 8x and 10x and don’t remember this happening, but this is also my first Windows 7 machine) but Toad doesn’t remember where I dragged the line to split the SQL query area and data grid area. I run a real minimal ship, with most areas and toolbars turned off, so my screen is just the query editor and the data grid. Every time I open Toad, it’s split about 75% query editor and 25% data grid; I always drag the split line so that it is about 50%/50%, but then every time I quit and re-start Toad, it’s back to 75%/25%.

It’s only a minor annoyance, but I hope someone can tell me how to make such screen tweaks sticky between sessions.

Thank you, Toad community.

… and as soon as it showed me my post, a new row of icons appeared which included “search this forum”. So I see you can search the forum if you are reading a thread, but not looking at the whole discussion area. Please ignore question 1 about how to search forums :slight_smile: thanks.