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Data Point Access

Having an issue logging in to Data Point. Am new to the latest version, and every time I go to log in, it tells me my password is invalid. I reset my password and access the tool, then the next time I go to log in I get the same error message. The kicker is that I can log in to Toad for Oracle every time with no issues.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

I don’t recognize this issue. What version of Oracle are you using? What version of Toad Data Point?

So let me understand this correctly.

  1. You try to log onto Oracle in TDP and it prompts you with needing to set your password.

  2. You do so and it allows you connect.

  3. But the next time you go to connect it asks you again? And if you connect to Toad for Oracle it doesn’t ask for a password.

Is it possible to get your user profile from Oracle. There must be some setting we are not understanding. You might need to ask IT or a DBA to get this info.