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Toad Data Point Password Not Saving

We've reset the password on an existing Oracle connection 3 days in a row and every time we check it the following day it's reset to an old password. It's set up on an enterprise report server and there are no daily restorations that would overwrite the configurations. Once the password is set if we close TDP, log off the server, and then log back on and check it the password holds, but when the automation runs the next day the password has been lost. It makes no sense and network support has even been called who confirmed there are no image restorations that might overwrite what is there.

Is there a way to troubleshoot something like this? This is the only connection we seem to be having this problem with. Next step will probably be to delete and recreate it since we have experienced some strange caching problems with connections.

There seems to be an issue between the connections and the import wizard as well because the process that was using the connection lost the option to recreate a table on an already saved and tested process. In the output it shows it attempted to create a table without dropping it first, which technically it shouldn't be able to do because the import wizard would either import into an existing table or drop and recreate a table when specified.

In this case it was checked to drop and recreate and has been running fine until we had to reset the password on the connection. When we edited the wizard the option was not checked after we recreated the faulty connection.

I would think that kind of dependency shouldn't exist if it's using a pointer to the connection obj. So far the only way to correct problems related to connections is to delete and recreate them and sometimes any objs using them.

Can anyone confirm whether TDP has the ability to change saved connections on its own? We are trying to isolate the problem and I don't want to make any assumptions about it being TDP if it's something else.

If the information is stored in connections.xml is there any way TDP could revert that file to a previous state?