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Data Type Formatting not working

I’m running a simple query against a DB2 (z/OS) database (using TDP 3.2) and regardless of what date format I choose in the “Data Type Formatting” area (under Options - Environment - Grid), dates are returned in the DD/MM/YYYY format. I tried selecting built-in formats (such as “Short date pattern (d)”) and custom formats (like yyyy-MM-dd) to no avail. The same functionality is working fine when querying an Oracle DB. Any suggestions would be much appreciated…


It’s been a long time since I used DB2. What datatype, specifically, is the column you’re pulling? I have the opposite problem in Teradata. There are two separate datatypes for dates (date and timestamp), but they’re both formatted the same based on this option.

Thanks for the response. The columns for which formatting doesn’t work are of the “DATE” data type.