Database CM Best Practices

I’m looking for any insight on CM best practices. We have a very labor intensive process that we’re looking to refine. Toad’s version control integration and ddl auto-generation are important piece, but I’m looking to address the entire process.


This is a great question to throw to the groups.

I can’t add much as it relates to ‘best practices’, but would
be happy to chime in with questions about how Team Coding / Source Control
Integration accomplishes specific tasks as they relate to CM.

Toad World has a lot of great information about Team Coding in Toad, though not
specifically about best practices for CM. If you have not already read these,
these are two good starting points.

There are also a number of videos, and some blogs about setting up Team Coding
in Toad with specific VCS providers, including Team Foundation Server and
Subversion SVN.