Toad Team Coding vs svn

hi, I am new to Toad and oracle,

Our team recently started a datawarehouse projec. We use Oracle DBMS & Toad for Oracle and are looking for an easy to maintain versioning system.

my questions:

  • From the information I found about Toad Team Coding it is not clear to me if Team Coding is a complete versioning system integrated within Toad or is it just a client for another versioning system (e.g. svn ) that I have to install?

  • if team Coding is a complete versioning system then how is it compared to svn in terms of maintenance and usability?

many thanks!!


Team Coding on it’s own is not a complete versioning system. Team Coding uses a third party version control system such as SVN or Microsoft Team Foundation Server to manage the version history of Database Objects.

You can use Team Coding without using a VCS. In this case Team Coding simply enables the locking of database objects in Toad to prevent multiple users from updating the same object.

When used in conjunction with a version control system, you can track the version history of an object. You can also create a new revision of your schema/database in the VCS or compile the latest VCS revision in the database.

I do not have a recommended VCS Provider. Of the providers supported in Toad, SVN and Team Foundation Server are by far the most frequently used.


Thank you!