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Database Links do not appear in TreeView

I use TOAD for Oracle (32bit) in TreeView and the Database Links do not show up. Toad shows "Database Links [0]" by the icon. If I switch to Dropdown View, Select the same schema then "Database Links" 5 links appear. Multi Line Tabs and Single Line Tabs will show all 5 correctly as well. Only Treeview does not display them. Is this a bug, or have I overlooked something?

Welcome to the Toad/Oracle community Patrick!

Check to see if the DBLinks aren't showing up in another schema in your tree view... it's common for many links to be defined under PUBLIC, for example, or some other schema, as snap #1 below shows.

It is interesting to note that other (non-Tree view) Schema Browser display modes do seem to include Public DB Links when viewing the Links list in other schemas. See snap #2, where I'm using the Drop-down browsing style.