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Date Format issue with Toad 10.6.1

,start_date in Date := ‘14-sep-1752’

,end_date in Date := ‘14-sep-1752’)

Did anybody experience the same issue ?
Thx for your feedback

I’ve just upgraded to TOAD 10.6.1 and I have an issue with compiled objects (Stored Procs) using date parameters.
It seems the date format has changed from dd-mon-yyyy to (I can see this change when I try to run the procedure in debug mode). Not only TOAD crashed when you try to input the date in the initial format, but when you try using the new one, the execution of the procedures crashes saying ‘not a valid month’…

I have one example which expects 2 dates as input parameters.
Both are declared as Date and default = ‘14-sep-1752’

It’s a bad idea to use dates that way because you aren’t in control of the date format and date conversion errors are likely. Even if you aren’t having errors, another user in the DB could have errors.

Use the TO_DATE function.

For example:
start_date = TO_DATE(‘12/17/1980 00:00:00’, ‘MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS’)