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Dates wrong in imported SharePoint List data


Using the Import Wizard I have created an import .tim file which imports data held in a SharePoint List.

However I have noticed that the imported dates are different (one day earlier) than shown within SharePoint.

Example when viewing the dates in the List via SharePoint it is displayed as 04/04/2013 00:00:00, but when imported in to a TDP table using the .tim the imported date is 03/04/2013 23:00:00.

Upon further investigation it look like the dates are being imported with one hour difference and therefore shown as the day before.

Any idea why this is happening and what i need to do so I can correctly import these dates?

Thank you in advance.



I am not sure if it’s your case but if the SharePoint server is in one time zone and you are in another the remote date/times can be converted into your local time.




This might be the issue although our systems administrator says the SharePoint Server and My TDP are both in the same timezone.

Is there a way to configure TDP import wizard to keep the SharePoint Dates and not convert them to local time?



What time zone are you in? I found that the DateTime value returned by Share point is UTC time. We need to convert it to local time. CR107050 is created for this issue.



My local time zone is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +0000 UTC