Import Excel File into local storage

Hi. I am trying to Import Excel File into local storage but only see the import summary and no data so i can run a query against it. Any help is appreciated. Thx.

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Details will be helpful here, Jimi...
Presumably you are using the Import Wizard?
Does the summary actually record that records were indeed imported?
Under which table/snapshot name in which database in Local Storage did you specify for import?
What do you see when you log into Local Storage, and look at the View details for your table/snapshot?

Please see below:

However, I truly believe a quick Zoom call would be most beneficial as the work I am doing is time sensitive. TY!


Are you able to accommodate a Zoom call please?

I am a tech resource that needs to be scheduled... will send a separate e-mail.

OK.. Please shoot for tomorrow morning if possible. Afternoons are busy.

Can you send a link to the tutorial please?

Please specify a half hour that is good for you. My calendar is regimented, and I have to reserve my activity with our Scheduling team to block the time slot.

Let me know what half-hour works best for you, and include your time zone... may not need all that time... I am on west coast, FYI.


11/3 9:30 or 11:30 will work. Thx.


Didn’t hear back from you. Please schedule something for Tuesday 11/8 in the morning for ½ hour. Anytime is fine!