dbms output

Using Toad for Data Analysis Can't see dbms_output from proc. Works fine in SqlPlus. Green light is on in output window. Click "Poll DBMS Output for lines". Nothing. Just see "Finished executing object ...".

We are currently on version 2.6. I tested in TDA 2.6 and dbmsouput.put_line shows in the messages tab of the editor, not the output window. It is turned on by pressing the clock icon. See attached.


P.S. You might want to upgrade to latest release.

Thanks. I'm afraid though that my editor window has no Messages tab, and no clock.

I see. This looks like version TDA 1.1. We did not add support for this until 2.0 and our current release is TDA 2.6. Can you download the latest version? This will have support for DBMS_OUPUT.