Debugging Ref Cursor small bug

Toad (same with 12.6b24), x64 versions both.

When debugging is started, where output is cursor (strong or weak), Toad place part of code that is incorrect.

Code for testing:

CREATE OR REPLACE package strong_typed IS
type emp_refcur is ref cursor return emp%rowtype;
END strong_typed;

CREATE OR REPLACE procedure refcursor_demo (myMsg out VARCHAR2,
c out strong_typed.emp_refcur
open c for select * from emp;
myMsg := ‘Cursor opened correctly’;
when others then
myMsg :=‘cursor open failed with ‘|| SQLCODE ||’ code’;

Even thought, week cursors has the same issue.


Damir Vadas

Damir - I created a CR for this and assigned it to the developer. Thanks for identifying it.