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Refernce cursor opening problem

PLS-00361: IN cursor ‘N_EMP_CURSOR’ cannot be OPEN’ed

type emp_cursor is ref cursor return emp%rowtype;function

end emp_package_ref_cursor;



open n_emp_cursor for select empno,ename,sal,comm from emp where job in ‘Clerk’;return

end emp_package_ref_cursor;

end sf_open_cursor_emprec;

Apologies for the big code…I am getting the error:–

in the following code . pls suggest the reason and the solution for the same…

create or replace package emp_package_ref_cursor as sf_open_cursor_emprec(n_emp_cursor emp_cursor) return emp_cursor;create or replace package body emp_package_ref_cursor asfunction sf_open_cursor_emprec(n_emp_cursor emp_cursor) return emp_cursor as n_emp_cursor;