Define TO_DATE in script

define p_start_date = TO_DATE(‘01-Jan-2010’,‘DD-Mon-YYYY’);

SELECT &&p_start_date
FROM dual;

I’m using Navigator 6.1 and the above script causes the following error:

11:36:18 ORA-00904: “TO_DATE”: invalid identifier

All scripts I have which have a define statement containing the TO_DATE function now cause this error.

Is this a known issue in Nav 6.1?

I was using an older version before and everything worked fine.

Sometimes in the upgrade the scan defines turns off, turn it on an it will work as requested (I believe).

Thanks for the reply.

However, that isnt the answer I’m looking for. I already have scan defines on, but the script will still not run.

Could there be some sort of preference not set up correctly?

I can only go back to 6.2, but it works for me in that version as well. I am not aware of any settings that would cause this. Best I can say is maybe the experts from Down under can answer this???

Hi Cameron,

Apart from the Scan Defines/Substitutions, there is no other setting that could affect this behavior.
All I can say is that 6.1 is quite an old version and we’ve fixed quite a few bugs since then. I cannot reproduce the error in the current version. Please upgrade if possible.


Hi Cameron,

I can confirm that I could reproduce the issue you reported in 6.1 (when having the Scan Define ON or OFF), but the latest release v6.4 is working fine when having the Scan Defines ON. As per Roman’s note, please upgrade to v6.4 and let us know if you still have any issue.