getting oracle error 'ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement' with new version of Toad

I have just installed upgraded to Toad from and now any queries with date parameters :Date need to be changed to to_date(:Date,‘dd/mm/yyyy’)

is there some way to not have to do this to all our queries? is there a change I can make in preferences to return to how it was?

It’s really always a good idea to use to_date. Otherwise, if the default date format doesn’t match the format that you suppy in your date value, you’ll get an error, or worse, the database will interpret a date value as something you didn’t intend (for example 1/5/2015 - is it Jan 5th or May 1st?)

I agree we just have a lot of reports that use the old version that we will have to alter.

have you tried:

alter session set nls_date_format=‘yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss’; (or whatever format you want?)

If that works you can put it in a script and then have Toad run the script at when a connection is made (options -> startup).

Cool will try that.