Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleArrayDataReader ?


When I do :

select SDO_DIMINFO from mdsys.sdo_geom_metadata_table where rownum

I got this result :
If I do the same request in SQLplus, I got something more readable :

SDO_DIM_ARRAY(SDO_DIM_ELEMENT(‘X’, 692000, 875296, ,001), SDO_DIM_ELEMENT(‘X’, 6820000, 7012512, ,001))

How may I have the same result in Toad DA ?

Thanks in advance,

Currently we do not support advanced Oracle data types such as spatial. This is an outstanding enhancement which we have not gotten too much request for.

Do you use other advanced types such as nested tables, user defined objects or just spatial? It would make a difference on when the enhancement is done.