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Display of enum types in model


It would be nice if there was an option (or default behavior) for the model not to show all values for an enum field. Creating a simple emun for the months of the years can add up to 109 characters to the width of the entity in the model. Instead of showing Enum(‘JANUARY’,‘FEBRUARY’,‘MARCH’,‘APRIL’,‘MAY’,‘JUNE’,‘JULY’,‘AUGUST’,‘SEPTEMBER’,‘OCTOBER’,‘NOVEMBER’,‘DECEMBER’) it would be nice as I resize the table for that description to shrink with a view like Enum(‘JANUARY’,'FE…). If the development effort on that is to great perhaps a short term fix is to either move the column attributes field (i.e. NN, (PK), etc…) before the data type. This would allow for the entity to be resized without losing that information.



Thanks for your request. It’s very good.
We will see what we can do about it. CR # 58 132.

Thanks very much!


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi again,

Let us suggest the following workaround to avoid the problem:

  1. Create a domain with ENUM data type - see screenshot1 in the attached doc.
  2. Assign the domain to the attribute. - see screenshot2.

The entity with the attribute will look like in screenshot3.

If you have more questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team
workaround.pdf (95.2 KB)


I appreciate the workaround for this problem, but I have to admit TDM has failed as a easy to use/useful product in the v3.x platform. Gone are the easy right angled connections, definition of types, etc… I passionately hope that quest is listening to this forum and the many users who get frustrated with the many feature reductions between the TDM v2 and TDM v3 product. I expect that as a development team workarounds don’t become a standard means of fixing defects. As a software architect I know my boss would have been asking me “Have you even tried using the product” if this type of simple defect was given to my team. I hope with the new year your team begins to focus on the user experience with the product instead of adding new features.


Helo Chadwick,

Thank you for your feedback. After I had read your post, I got an impression that you are very unsatisfied with TDM v3 and work of our dev team. I’m very sorry to hear this.

You seem to be a user of version 2. Yes, versions 2 and 3 are very different. Version 3 is a new modeling tool written from scratch. However, most features in v2(most, not all) are available in v3 as well, and most of them have been enhanced in v3. Moreover, version 3 offers you great NEW features for more comfortable modeling (modeless dialogs, inplace editor…, alter scripts, model update… and many more).
Please see the very brief comparison matrix between the two versions in the Help file | Introduction chapter.

Nevertheless, there are still some features of v2 that are missing in v3 - e.g. macros, save/load layout, report generation by WS etc. We know about them, all of them have their CR number and we will deal with them. For example, at the moment, besides other tasks of high priority, we are working on the report generation by WS.

You mention:

If you miss anything in TDM v3 or have any suggestions on how to improve particular features, please do not hesitate to write us.

I can assure you that workarounds are not bug fixes for us. Every bug/suggestion/recommendation is entered to our system under particular CR#, then priority is assigned. We do care about feedback of our customers and do our best to resolve the issues. Every Beta brings many fixes. A few numbers - resolved issues for commercial versions: TDM v. 3.1.5 - more than one hundred (104), v. 3.2.4 - more than one hundred (106), v. 3.3.5 - more than seventy (72). (Note: These are only resolved issues, not new features.)

Regarding your case - the issue you reported is registered under CR # 58 132, priority has not been determined yet. Until this issue is resolved, you can use the workaround. You can ask us about the status/progress of this CR at any time. When it is resolved, it will be listed in the Release Notes document.

We have started this comnunity particularly to get feedback from our customers. We are interested, care and listen. - It is you for whom we make the product - you use it - and we do want to improve it to perfectly fit your needs.
So, please share your experience, write us details on what doesn’t work as you expect or need, what behavior/functionality you want to add/improve/change etc. I can see you have sent us only two posts so far, so, let me encourage you to write us more. We’d be happy to reply and help.

Have a nice day.


Vladka + TDM Team