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Bug with "List of values" of enum datatype in MySql Model (5.1) ?


In a MySQL 5.1 physical model we try to set the "List of values" of enum datatype in the attribute properties dialog. Close the dialog, open it again, and values are empty. If some property is changed then the enum list of values is lost when the dialog is closed and changes saved.
It appears to be a bug. Maybe could be fixed in future versions?

Images are shown below to illustrate it.

Step 1, create an enum datatype attribute:

Step 2, list of values is saved correctly:

Step 3, when the attribute properties dialog is opened again, list of values is empty, make some change and close it:

Step 4, finally the list of values is lost:

Thanks in advance,

Hello Gabriel,

Thanks a lot for the bug notification. TDM-329. It’ll be fixed for the next TDM v. 5.2.

Thanks again!