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Dot Lookup and Tab Button to Complete Doesn't Work in 6.3


Hi. I’m a long time user of TOAD and SQL Navigator. I am a professional consultant and my client company just upgraded from SQL Nav 5.5 to SQL Nav 6.3. There’s lots to learn, but something is driving me crazy. In all past versions, when you would use the lookup on dot, the list of available columns would appear. My technique was to hit the arrow keys with my right pinky to get to the column I wanted, then hit TAB with my left pinky to choose that column and get a space behind it. But now in 6.3, hitting the TAB button is not completing the choice. I am having to hit Enter with my right hand to make the selection.

I know it might sound petty, but when using these tools for many, many years, this is really slowing me down. Search as I might in the settings and on google, I have not found any way to address this issue. If someone could please reply, I would really appreciate it. If this is a coding change, could a feature or registry setting be enabled to go back to the way it used to work?



Welcome to our Community.

There is currently no option or registry setting to have the tab key selecting and completing the choice.

We have raised a CR and will add back the Tab key as per your request, we will also include the Space keystroke.

We will try to get the changes in the first drop of our next release v6.5 beta which will be available on this forum soon.

Much appreciated if you could download the Beta and check it out. The beta build is very stable, many of our users have been using the Beta builds and the feedback from everyone is so valuable to the quality of our product releases.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks. Unfortunately, I’m stuck using whatever version my client companies use as a standard. The one thing I don’t understand is why they would have removed this functionality in the first place? Was it unintentional? Usually functionality that is intentionally removed is listed as deprecated somewhere in the documentation.

Also, the following space is not a big deal. THe TAB usage to complete the selection the concern.