Dot Lookup Case

In our company we use a coding style which is camel case.
Is it possible for the dot lookup, to autocomplete plsql functions and their parameters case sensitive and not in lowercase.
For example: I have a package TEST and a function in it called sayHelloWorld(pParam in varchar2).
Now when i type TEST. the dot lookup results in TEST.sayhelloworld(pparam).
It would be so much nicer when the result would be TEST.sayHelloWorld(pParam) because it would provide a better reading of source code.
Is it possible to achieve this behaviour?

Hi Lorenzoni,

This can only be achieved if the procedure/function is defined in camel case in the package. For example, if in the package the name of the procedure is defined as sayHelloWorld then the code completion list will show the procedure name as ‘sayHelloWorld’. There’s no other settings to modify the cases of these functions in the list.


Hello Gwen,

Thanks for your fast answer.
I have already assumed that’s not possible to achive this behaviour outside of the actual package.
But does anybody know the reason behind it or in other words which view is used for the autocomplete function.
For example in dba_source the code is case sensitiv.

I really like SQL-Navigator and I have used it for 4 years daily, but I really miss this feature.


Hi Lorenzoni,

We don’t use user_source view for code completion, it would be too slow because we’d have to load and parse the source of each package; we use all_arguments instead. Unfortunately, Oracle uppercases all names in most views so the case is already lost at this stage. Sorry, I don’t see it possible to implement your request.


Hi Roman,

Thank you for the info. I was already afraid that it will be not possible.

I wish you a happy New Years Eve.