Duplicate column name from relations


I have two master tables and one detail, company_code column found in both master tables, when I create relation from master tables to detail table all column related to master tables primary keys goes to detail table so, “company_code” come twice. is there any solution ?

master tables
table1 key(company_code, cost_center)
table2 key(company_code,activity_code)


Hi Emad,

There is an easy solution— Foreign Key Mapping. See Help | Model | Physical Data Model | Entity Relationship Diagram | Keys | Foreign Keys | FK Mapping topic and follow the instructions. As a result, there will be only one FK in the child.

Anyway, since the latest Beta release you can set Automatic FK Mapping with several options. For more info see Beta Release Notes.
You can download the Beta at http://modeling.inside.quest.com/ann.jspa?annID=150.

Anyway, I will delete the duplicate post of yours from the thread Unique key problem.