stop auto-creating FK's!!!!

this is driving our development team mad - i’ve have a table “person” which contains the column “person_address_id”, i have a second table “address” which has a primary key of “address_id”.

All i want to do is create a relationship that lets me map the column address_id to person_address_id, and NOT auto create a column address_id as a foreign key in the table person.

This “trying to be too clever feature” of the software is rendering TDM v3 useless for our needs.

Any help???


As soon as you create a relationship, FK attribute is created in child table automatically - this is how it works in TDM.
Feel free to use the Foreign Keys Mapping feature.

See the details at: Help menu | Manual | Physical Data Model | Creating ERD | Understanding of Foreign Keys topic where instructions + screenshots on how to map the keys are included.

If you have any questions, please write me back.