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Editor tab header colors (usability)

I often end up with lots of editor tabs open. Every feature to keep things clearly arranged is welcome.

Settable Editor Tab Header colors would be very helpful. I would use these to distinguish

  1. project artifacts (from change management work area)
  2. ad-hoc SQL (I usually keep the ad-hoc work for several weeks, but do not check-in)
  3. temporary content, usually fragments copied&pasted from some view definition for bug hunting

In fact, (for my scheme) it is be possible to identify 1 and 2 based on file path ( 3 is never saved ).
A perfect solution (TOAD is notorious for full blown features) would let me define Editor Content Types. Content Types would be settable by shortcut keys or by choosing the type when opening a new tab. On file open, content type would be identified based on configurable file path regular expression.

BTW: I am aware editor tabs can be renamed, but this action currently cannot be mapped to a keyboard shortcut.