Renaming tabs without string "Editor"

Using TDP 3.5.

In the projects I work on, we have code spread out over many small script files. It’s not unusual for me to have 20+ editor windows in use at one time, which pushes many editor windows “off screen” to the left or right of my currently active editor. As a result I’m constantly losing time to “tab scrolling”, that is, cycling to left/right to find the tab of the next editor I need to work on. Opening multiple instances of TDP for different work efforts alleviates this, but there are simply cases where a single project is going to involve having 20 or more tabs open.

The “Display tabs vertically” doesn’t help, because a few long file names cause this option to consume huge amounts of screen space.

What would make a huge difference (saving on screen space) is if TDP did not both show the editor icon and (redundantly) the word “Editor”. In Toad For Oracle, for instance, the tabs simply have the icon (indicating SQL, text, etc) and the tab label / file name.

  1. Is there already an option to only show the icon, either in the version I’m using, 3.5, or in current version (i.e. “Quit being so lazy and upgrade!”)?

  2. Could such an option be added? I.e. ability to display/hide icon, display/hide “Editor” string? Or maybe simply a “compact” tab mode, which shows only the filename (or tab label) - possibly even hiding the close “X” (trading off real estate for inconvenience of closing tabs w/ right-click menu).

  3. Could a “layered” tab option be added, so instead of just choosing horizontal/vertical tabs, one could choose to have multiple rows of tabs? (note, even with such an option, the compact-tab-labeling would still be beneficial)


Sorry, we don't have an option to hide icon and document type. However, I have a few suggestions which might be useful.

First, there's a down arrow you can click to list all open editor tabs and pick the one you wnat, so you don't need to scrolling left and right all the time.

Second, under Window menu, you can add new horizontal tab group, it will split the space to have more tab displayed. The drawback is each editor is half size.

To maximize your workspace, drag the editor tab out of the Toad to let it float, if you have dual monitor setup, you can dock it to second monitor, now you have double workspace. You can drag and dock other editor tabs to this float window.

Hope those tips help.