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Email Automation : TIC and TDP

Hi I am using TDP 4.2 and trying to create an automation. It consist of an Export activity followed with a Set Variable and Send Email activity. Export activity fetches data to an XLSM file and then there is a macro that fires up and create an XLSX file with Current date as Suffix. Now during the send email acitivity I want to pick that most recent file but since name of the file changes because of Suffix I can not pick that file. I can use variable for subject line of the email, but not as an attachement.

I have to eventually publish this script on TIC.

When you press the file attachment from the email activity it does not show you the fill with the date suffix. The suffix is generated at runtime, so will change. The attachment editor knows what activity is generating the file and will in fact pick up the correct file. Give it a try using the date suffix that includes seconds so you get some confidence in this.

Hi , The attachment editor is picking up the XLSM file but not the XLSX file that the macro is creating?

You would need to add that manually to the attachment editor. Hopefully the file name is the same. There is a browse button at the bottom of the attachment editor to attach any files that were not made by automation activity.


I have had success in manually entering the variable in the attachment name. Here’s a screen shot of the attachment dialog:

We are running TDP


It seems the screen shot didn’t get included. Here’s what the entry on the right side of the dialog looks like:

The variable #…# was typed in manually.


Hope this helps.