Error getting while sending email with attachment

Hi All,

I have data in SQL server and am exporting data into excel and attaching those file and sending Emails to customers.

while sending an Email am getting below error. can any one help me out. am using TDP 3.5.

Email_1 - IOException occurred. InnerException message follows: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\US0S0319\Desktop.xlsx’.

Thanks in advance.

Natarajan R

It looks like you are using a variable file name but the variable has not been set or the variable name may be misspelled. All I see is the file name extension (.xlsx) in the error message.

Thanks Greg.

i am new to toad. can you explain what is variable file name?

-Natarajan R

I have not used any variable file name. my file name is Backlog_Report and it's stored in my desktop. when i attach file in email that attachment is not showing the path.

To Mr. Natarajan Ramalingam:

Thank you for posting in Toad World. I was able to reproduce your scenario using Toad Data Point 3.5. It does appear that the file name is omitted in the path.

I attempted the same scenario in our latest version, 3.6, and saw that it functions as expected. We encourage you to try our Toad Data Point 3.6 Beta to see if this resolves your issues. You can download it through this post:

The beta version as of this writing is

Let us know if you have any additional concerns,

Software Associate Developer I,
-Joshua Liong

If this is the exact issue this is a bug in the TDP 3.5 GA version. Below is a patch that addresses this issue. Download and use Base or Pro according to your license.…/…/