Enable internal TABLE/TABLESPACE compression in Toad GUI?

As you know single TABLEs or whole TABLESPACEs can be compressed internally by Oracle engine.


How can I enable (disable) this compression

  • for a certain TABLE aaa
  • for a whole TABLESPACE ttt
    through Toads GUI (=not by SQL commands)?

I found no suitable context menu entry “compress” for Tables and/or Tablespaces in ObjectExplorer



How can I enable (disable) this compression

  • for a certain TABLE aaa
    I the schema browser, select your table, right click. Select Alter
    In the following dialogue, select "additional attributes" tab.
    Tick the COMPRESS box.

If you are creating a new table, the compress option is on the same tab
of the same dialogue.

  • for a whole TABLESPACE ttt
    If you are altering/creating a new tablespace, then the compress option
    is on the Basic Info tab.

through Toads GUI (=not by SQL commands)?
See above, but what exactly do you have against learning and using the
underlying SQL commands that Toad executes for you? Imagine the day that
you are not at your own PC and Toad isn't licensed on the one you are
using - how will you then cope? Trust me, GUIs are great in their place,
but in order to be proficient (even with a GUI) you need to know the
underlying commands.

I found no suitable context menu entry "compress" for Tables
and/or Tablespaces in ObjectExplorer
Object Explorer? I presume you mean the Schema Browser? It could be that
the database you are connected to doesn't have the Compress option so it
may not be visible on the create/alter dialogues. Just a thought.

Equally, it's possible that you need the DBA option to enable some
features - although, it has to be said, with the amount of stuff Quest
are moving from the "pay extra" DBA module to the "get it anyway" I
suspect there will be less and less need for the DBA option as time goes

Norm [TeamT]

Norman Dunbar
Contract Senior Oracle DBA
Capgemini Database Build Team
Internal : 7 28 2051
External : 0113 231 2051

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If you have purchased the optional Compression add-on. Yes it works in
Enterprise – but you are not licensed (just like partitioning, oem
add-ons, etc). So be very careful which features you use. Basic table
compression is free – anything more like advanced table compression,
compress of data pump output, compress in rman, and compress tablespaces
requires you to pay for compression. See oracle price book……